Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Upcoming birthday and christening of my Son

it's very a hard thinking days?!Why?because 1st birthday of my son is coming.when?this august 09'08.i plan also to celebrate his christening together with his birthday meaning its a double celebration..guys do you think i can make it with my own?all of these?i guess not!but i have to stand with my own responsibility..As a single mother,i have to take all the responsibility for my son's good not for my own good but for my angel..

Please give some opinion and suggestion for this celebration..

Monday, July 21, 2008

Beautiful Spots in Davao City

Just came home for a short off-the-city overnight retreat. Feeling refreshed and ready for the next day ahead, i decided to write a short review to this small simple resort who accommodated us while we spent our time reflecting and enjoying the white sands, crystal clear water and seclusion from the smokes, hassles and booms of metro life.. Rates around this resort is very reasonable. Being low in cash and wanting to feel outdoors more closely just like everybody else, we settled on a big pre rented Northwest Camping tent. We had dinner after the long travel and started resting by 8:00pm. Few people around the resort are having beer while WE had a few sips of gin and lime (good thing corkages are applicable only when seen ;-)) Mirror clear waters and white sands welcomed the morning. Coffee just cost 10 pesos and if you have some cupped instants already, hot water is free just a few meters to the kitchen. Just ask any staff around. Their breakfast menus would vary from what was available.

ll in all, Isla Reta Beach Resort is the place to be for beach bums who prefer a quiet, affordable and worry free place to relax. Why wont you visit it sometime? I'm sure it'd be an unforgettable experience.

The Eye of the Beholder

We all know that men are visual creatures, but we shouldn't stop there.
We must examine the whole man. Men are three-dimensional beings. They are living souls
who have a spirit that resides in a body. This means that we must appeal to all
three levels of their makeup--physical, emotional, and spiritual.
Beyond this, they have five senses that involve how they respond--to sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.
When getting a man's attention, you can appeal to one level and affect one senses.
However, to keep that man's interest. you must involve all levels of his
being as well as all of his sense.

Where do we begin?
In the obvious place. In order to capture his heart, you've got to catch his eye first.
So let's begin with the eye gate.
What first catches is eye? The physical realm...hhhmmmm..,
it's not as bad as you think. You will be surprised to fine that while we are examining
ourselves under a high-powered microscope for all of our various real and imagine flaws,
men view women quite differently. Every man has his favorite feature.
Lips, legs, eyes, oh my!
its is a varied list depending on who is looking your way. So we will take a look
at them all. Something about you might catch his eye that is seemingly insignificant, even quirky,
in fact. Aaaah, but to hold his gaze, the picture of you must be completed
but not exactly the way you think.

The Things About Men!

Men!What is it about them?What do they want anyway?Whether single or married, can anyone figure them out? What are they looking for in a woman?Do they even know?Of course they do! Do we take time to ask them becomes the bigger question.

Well, I decided to ask men of all sizes, shapes, colors, ages and walks of life what gets their attention. But more importantly, what keeps their attention. The results were rather surprising. Their answers didn't vary that much. The greatest discovery from my survey is:We women over think this thing called attraction. We magnify the minuscule and overlook things that are major deal makers or breakers in their minds.

Men of different races and backgrounds. Their needs and wants, though greatly detailed, were pretty basic.