Thursday, October 30, 2008

Farewell to my Sister..

Hayyy..It is so hard for us today because my sister went to Manila for work. This is the first time she will be far away from us so its gonna be hard. Specially to my nephew, he loves so much his big sister. We take her to the airport because her flight was around 9:45pm. I said to myself that I'm not gonna cry. I will just cry alone,all by myself. Meaning no one can see me cry. But I am disappointed because when the time we will go I saw her crying saying goodbye to us. So I felt like Im crying like a rain pouring down into my eyes. My mother and my nephew saw them cry also. I know there's a reason why she decided to go to Manila not only she will go there for work but aside of that there's a reason. Even if she's not saying anything to me but deep inside I felt something about it. Now I know whats the feeling of being away from a very important person into our life.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Everyday, I kept on planning that I will clean our old house because it so messy already and the all the things are all disarrange.When I was arranging all our things I see this picture. I remember the days when the 4 of us are all happy and we are so close 2 each other. But, there is a time when we already separated, first Benjeff, he resign into our work then second Gena only Me and Janet left in our beloved work.(Beloved?)
I hope that we will have a bonding some other time or if we have time for it.

Tell Me Something I Don't Know - Sunday, October 26th

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Social Security System

Yesterday, I go SSS(Social Security System) with my friends Gena and Janet. We applied for an Identification Card of SSS and I also apply for adding a beneficiaries which is my son. The line was too long, lots of people. We've been there for almost 4 hours waiting for our turn to finish our transaction there. But there's a problem, Janet was applying for a loan but unfortunately it cannot be approved because our employer there was change not our original employer. We are so amazed and shock regarding the information we know that day. The question there is "Why our employer didn't say anything about it?" Are they secreted it?Its a problem I guess. When we finish there, we decided again to go to COMELEC to get our Identification Card also but sad to say the in-charge there says that our I.D was not yet finish yet or not yet arrived.Well I don't know! Then we go to Victoria Plaza to unwind and relax. So hard day but it's ok because we did a very good important tasked.

Tell Me Something I Don't Know

Monday, October 20, 2008

Two Days absent..

I was absent of two days because I was suffering a cold and flu.Maybe because of the weather that always changing. Sometimes it's raining and sometimes, very hot. But, today I'm Ok now and because of that two days absent, when I open my blog site I was so shock because lots of blogger leaves message in shout box. And I am so happy for it.
Thanks to my new friends, blogger I listed on my list and thanks also for those who add me too.

Butterfly Award

Thanks to Janet with this butterfly award that she given to me. I really appreciate it.

Put the logo on your blog, add a link to the person who awarded you. Nominate 10 other blogs. Add links to those on yours. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.
I would like to send this award to those my new listed friends here in my blogs.Those are: Bud
,Shiela,Med,Mat,Nanaybelen,Stories in Life,Journal, Deejames.

Thanks to all..

Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Image..

Yesterday, we change our image into our desktop to this image, as you can see the picture above.I like it .So cute but the color effects is so light, thats why when i use our computer sometimes I experience teary eyes because of the light effects.
Good morning to everyone..
Happy blogging...and Enjoy

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hot Coffee n' Hot Hamburger

Just this morning, I decided to have a snack. I buy Hamburger and a cup of coffee. When the hamburger was already cooked I ask the attendant an extra hot ketchup..When I arrived at my work I eat it and oww!!!so hooootttttt....Oh My GOD!! Can't believe.Even my was really affected. Soo spicy.Now, I know i really don't like a spicy food even before I was just trying to some spicy food like this. HOt coffee and hot hamburger is not a good combination, right!What about you?do you like spicy food?
Morning guys!!!!

Microchip Cat Flap

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Sunday, October 12, 2008


This morning, I am thinking about some problems that I encounter this past days. Problem at home, problem at work. I don't imagine why people encountered problems.I don't know why.They say that if the person doesn't encounter problem his/her life is abnormal. And problem makes our life colorful.First, I have problem at home, my sister is planning to go to Manila for work.What I am going to do now?Who will take care of my son while I am working. My salary is not really enough to pay for a Nanny to look and take care of my son and my nephew also.Once she will be there, I am the only one to do the household chores, take care of the 2 kids (my son and my nephew).All by myself only.Second, here at my work. Sometimes if we explain, they will not understand us because there vision and beliefs is right.What about us..So hard..

My Boy!..

Today, instead of having a walk with my son way to airport, we decided to go to nearest Barber shop to cut the hair of my son. It was so fun because what I am expecting is my son be able to get scared or maybe he will move and move while cutting his hair. But unfortunately, he was shock, he doesn't move a little, he just like a mannequin facing in a big mirror. And suddenly, maybe I guess he will thinking what is he doing in that place and maybe he understand already suddenly he was smiling and he is enjoying the moment.I decided to to cut his hair as half inch remaining on his hair. His grandparents was so fun looking at him and calling him a "Siopao" because of his semi bald head.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Sometimes, I feel tired of working. People get bored sometimes of their work especially when your already a years of working at the same type of work and still low paying salary..sigh!.In my daily life, my always routine is house and work.I am already 3years and a half of my work. Same people, same routine I will encounter everyday. Working is important to us especially you have a responsibility. What I mean to this is I want another challenges, another work...sigh!


Saturday, October 4, 2008


Did you try being a pregnant?For me, yes.I tried being a pregnant. Getting pregnant is not an easy task because its so hard.You can experience morning sickness and sometimes feels uneasy. Lots of changes in your body like expanding of breast, your body figure will also change.There are lots of changes when your pregnant. You will experience also that you will like to eat this food but when it was there you felt your going to vomit.These are some changes.
I experience being pregnant and I used to read this site which can help us giving some tips We need also to exercise so that we can control our body to expand more. Read this site so that you can know some exercises that are safe to be exercised while pregnant.Using pregnancy is useful for us sometimes because this is a way also that you can know that u are pregnant or not after we go to our nearest Health centers or personal doctors. read this site..


Friday, October 3, 2008

Bonding with Janet my friends...

That's me and Janet my friend, workmate, a sister.

Yesterday I didn't went home early or after my duty because me and Janet went to Unionbank to ask for assistance about her EON card cos' she's going to withdraw her money in Paypal account..We was having fun then. On our way to Unionbank, she said that there's a new food court in City Triangle. We're planning to eat breakfast there for a new. When we get there, we're choosing a food already and we didn't know what to choose because all of the food are delicious, YUMMY!!!Its combo meal 1 rice, 1 viand and a glass of ice tea. It cost Php40.00.We have lots of topics while eating.We enjoy the moment..We're having fun..

I need help..

They say that posting a blogs is an easy way of making money. But how will I do it?My friends Janet says that I need to have a tasked but where should I get it? I want also to have a income through this website like my friends and other blogger too. I am aiming for this because this can he also a big help for my daily needs. My salary is not that enough for my daily living especially that I have already a growing up son.Maybe I will try this.Please give me some idea, suggestion or help..Thanks.

Street Childrens

On my way to work, I can see some street children asking for money to people including me. I felt so pity for them and felt angry to their parents because they didn't care for their children.They don't think the safeness of their children. Some childrens I see that they were assisting some students who owns car to park their cars in the right way and unfortunately they we're guarding the car.They do it for money to buy some foods. Sometimes I give them money and I used to say to them that they buy the money that I gave a Food so that they will not got hungry. But sometimes, I think that instead of giving them money why don't we give them food so that we will feel safe for them. If we will give the money we will not know what should they do to money, right?

I wonder WHO?

I visited the site of my friend Te Weng ( One of her blog is all about the reason why Filipina marry a Foreigner.. I wonder who did this some message. I guess she dont know what is she talking about or maybe she is disappointed to herself maybe she is also longing to marry a foreigner but unfortunately no foreigner likes her..hahahaha Im so pity for her. She is not thinking of what she is doing if she is doing the right way or she didn't think that someone might got hurt to her message.She is so disgusting. I mean I'm not taking it seriously because I am not married to a foreigner but I'm just thinking of my friend's sake who married a foreigner. So guys take this blog for granted.Pity for the one who did this...

Missing posting a blogs..

Its been almost a week that I didn't post some blogs because I'm busy, I have problem that I encounter now. I know people will not work their mind if they thinking their problem..I miss posting a blog. I regularly visit my site just checking some new post but I haven't post some blogs..Sorry to all..

Award for Eight (8)

Thank to my friend Janet for this tag..First time ever that I recieve this.

They all are charmed with the blogs, where in the majority of its aims are to show the marvels and to do friendship; there are people who are not interested when we give them a prize and then they help to cut these bows; do we want that they cut or that they propagate? Then let’s try to give more attention to them! So with this prize we must deliver it to 8 bloggers that in return must make the same thing and put this text.

Im passing this award to my eight blogger friends:Arnie, Badudets, Te weng,Sarah,Lira,Chell,Merce and Othonel..