Saturday, August 30, 2008

What is Pride?

Pride means self respect, self esteem, the state of being proud.Pride is more than a word. It is a definitive guide to being a person.Thats why sometimes people get lost when the pride was lost. But what if the pride was lost?
At our early age, we say that our pride was hurt. Pride in a sense that we don't have a face to faced for the person we like. Like, everytime we pass them, we will become invisible to their site. We tend to act weird if true, and we tend to be guilty about the thing that makes us shy for ourselves. But of course, its a stage of growing old.When we get older, we experience the real thing of pride. It so hard to eat our pride, but most hard is we ourselves lost our pride. When we get old, especially for boys their afraid to get basted for the girls they like or want. Its not easy to cope up if they get basted.Sometimes it hurt but what boys want they get. But its a vise versa situation in favor for the girls.For our new generation today, both men and women are empowered to do what they want, both have the right to fall in love and pursue the love of their life. But of course it is a games of chances

It is so hard to swallow your pride because it is just like you lost it in yourself. Hard to swallow the pride if your aura looks like desperate. Hard to swallow the pride because in your eyes, in your mind it is not needed.
Having to lose one’s pride would mean crossing over the very fine line of sane to insane..

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kadayawan Festival

Today, Davao City celebrated KADAYAWAN FESTIVAL, lots of people in downtown watching the parade which is one of the event in Davao City.. We also there together with my son, nephew and sister. So hot.Lots of people using umbrella.One of the most forgetful moment there was when people got panic when they see a artist like Diether Ocampo, Angelica Panganiban and lots..We didn't finish watching the parade because so hot and my son and nephew was hungry already. So we decided to eat at Jolibbee. After eating, we decided to continue watching the parade but so much crowded. That's why we change our plan, go to mall.Have some window shopping,playing with the kids and going home..So tired but full of happiness..


Piles of various farming instruments, from knives to bolos to sticks used to till the soil, harvest fruits and gather flowers. Baskets of fruits, trays of colorful native orchids, rice and corn grains, fruits and vegetables were religiously displayed on mats. A familiar scene on the village squares of old Dabaw, all these in thanksgiving to the Almighty for the year's bountiful harvest.

This ritual of Pahinongod is still practiced by modern Davaoeños. Thus, the Kadayawan.

In the seventies, Mayor Elias B. Lopez, a Bagobo, initiated tribal festivals in the Poblacion. Representatives of the Bagobos (Tagabawa, Guiangan, Clata, and Ata), the Manobos, Mansakas and the Mandayas, the Muslims and others, gather to the lowland to perform dances and rituals of thanksgiving. The performances take the city folks and tourists to the richness and deeply ingrained cultural rituals of the natives.

Come early eighties, with the national peace and order unrest, this tribal festival was restrained only to be revived in 1986 as the "Apo Duwaling" festival. The institutionalized festival aims to promote Davao City as a peaceful and orderly city despite the unrest.

"Apo Duwaling", is a word coined from Mt. Apo, durian and waling-waling, all icons of Davao's natural wealth. The first Apo Duwaling organized the Agro-Industrial Trade Fair, showcasing Davao orchids, flowers, fruits and other local agricultural products.

In 1988, "Apo Duwaling” was renamed "Kadayawan", a Dabawnon expression for anything that is excellent and that brings great fortune. It is derived from the aboriginal word "dayao" which means good or "madayaw", things that are of great value or is profitable, superior or beneficial.

Today, Kadayawan best describes the festival that reflects the ethnicity and nativeness of the celebration. The Kadayawan also recognized the Dabawenyo's artistry in visual and literary arts.

In 1995, the Mindanao Federation of Cutflowers and Plant growers, Inc, (MINFED) spearheaded the 10th Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival. MINFED envisioned the growth of the flower and fruit industry. It has evolved the countryside to generate an improved livelihood.

The 11th Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival focused on promoting the city as a tourist destination. Also, as the front door and gateway to the Philippines - Indonesia - Malaysia and Brunei Darusallam - East Asean Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA).

Introduced in 1995 as a major Kadayawan event is the Floral Float parade. Now a tourist attraction, it parades intricately designed floats, decked with orchids, flowers and ornamentals, also loaded with Davao fruits - durian, bananas, pomelos, mangoes, papaya and other vegetables.

The Floral Float parade has developed into a signature of Kadayawan festival showcasing the city as a "City in Bloom", Davao's official tag line since 1996.
Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan or street dancing is one of the attractions of the festival. Performers in ethnic costumes graces the streets in an uproar of body movement and ethnic music, enticing spectators to join the dancing in the streets.

Such thanksgiving is symbolized by the rigorously prepared Floral Float Parade, Indak-indak sa kadalanan and more… These are not just show-offs but the preparation are done with delicacy, sacrifice with joy, All just to show how proud we are of the many blessings we receive and would like to share not only to Filipinos but foreigners as well.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Something In My Past Life....

How would you know if the guy with you now is the right person to you?What if you would experienced so tragic in your life that you didn't expect?What will you do?So cruel, right?...
This is what I experience..I do admit that I'm inlove with this guy (father of my son).It happen about past 3 years..We met here at my work and he is a friend of my employer..Some chatting happen, texting, getting to know each other and then we're on. I can say that we're just a typical type of a relationship we have, we shared. One things that puts in my mind, whoever the guy whom can faced to my parents I hope that he will be last..And it happen that this guy is the lucky one that time.Another years had gone by. We experienced cool off, no more texting meaning "I dont care about you","i dont care about you also"...So hard but we did. We occasionally used to do like some other lovers..(you know what I mean).Last December 26,2006, I was surprised because I am pregnant..So shocking and I dont know what to do..And then I let him know about it. We talked about it..What will be our plan?What will we do?After 6 months, he left me with no any message..He just leave without letting me know..So sad..At first, I was angry with him but later on i realized that what will the angry feeling do if the person whom makes me feel angry is nowhere to know.And the good thing there is My FAMILY never left me at all cost.
Now I am so happy and contented together with my son Lorenzo James and my family as well..Even if I cannot marry to another man it's ok because i have my son already..

Friday, August 22, 2008

At My Younger Years.....

When I was a little child, I really like to color images like cartoons character especially POOH!sorry guys for reminding it but I love it.When I was Kindergarten I got an award..And I was 3rd honor that was the first my father cried of me because i was reciting a poem in front of many people around and clapping in me..That was so scared and embarrassed I guess but I didn't felt it that time because I was so confident of myself..But now I don't know what happen to me because I am lacking of confidence in myself maybe because of some insecurities I felt in my own..But Im ok still I have a more trust in GOD.
Good Night!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Birthday Celebration

Last night, we celebrated the 2nd birthday of janet's daughter Angela.. They go to People's park and we just followed them together with my son LJ and nephew Rodsteve..After a minute arrival there the celebration followed to WHAW!!!Restaurant and eat there..I cant eat properly because of my son because he is always moving around but is ok its a part my life..That night, even if we didn't stay longer to peoples park but i am happy..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Christening Baby LJ

I am really glad and happy because my son is already a Christian.In the picture, we can see the Godmother and the Godfather of my son..(counter clockwise:Fritz, Janet, Gena, Ariel, John, Ben, Karen,and Diane).Some of the sponsors are not present of the celebration because of some personal reason..That moment, i was so very happy because my friends are present..
Thank you Guys for coming..

new schedule

Hi guys!Miss u i am again blogging...
Anyways I'm a little bit disappointed with my new schedule because it was change..last night my schedule was 12midninght till 8:00 am but then my employer change it starting 4:pm till's a bit hard for me because i have a son.I really want my schedule (12mid-8:00) but i have nothing to do because that was there order..
And i was also really really disappointed this morning because my workmate tells me bad news..They say that my sales was short and i really don't believed there news because I am very very sure of it.I did count it for how many times.From 4:am till my time to out I did count it so how can it happen that i am short of my sales..I guess it was planted i dont know why I was think of this!sigh..
After I arrived at work my employer talked me about the short of sales.He let me count my sales again..yes its true it was short but i can't believed it.So that moment we talked, i followed my instinct i talked to my boss also and say what is in my heart about what hard..

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Today, I went to National Statistics Office(NSO)to get the Birth Certificate of my baby. At last , for the long time that I've wished for finally it was granted and finally it was in my hand..Its been almost 1 year I longed to get the birth certificate of my baby and take note its already authenticated. How happy!!:)

Monday, August 4, 2008

GoT HuRt But In LoVe

Its A poem.


As usual,
You are two hours late.

(hope you haven't forgotten)

And as usual,
A composed reasons for you.

As if those would heal.
As if we can stay

I haven't heard
From you for a long time.
(I hope you haven't forgotten)

Dis you take care
of my bonsai?
Did you keep
The withered roses
by the medicine cabinet?
Did you throw away
the tea bags I hid
Under the sink?

But okay,
Lets get back
To fray.


Have you also forgotten
To love me today?

WAIT (the reply)

Trust me.
I still remember
every little things as if it
was just five seconds ago.
It may not seem so,
but I jotted down everything
you did, they were
inscribe permanently to my
How can I forget
the days when you walk
home alone after
you sent me home and
for my going past curfew time.

I still remember
the sketchpad you left
anonymously at my door.
That was my birthday, yes
and you're the only one.

You're the only one who cared.
I know it's you
I can see it by the way
your eyes shine
when you made
me those
paper cranes.
I will always remember.
And before you forget,
before you even think about it.
No, you're not forgotten.

my Phone got VIRUS

This is my newly buy phone but sad to say got virus. Oh! how I hate it.i did see it to a technician but the technician says that we need to reprogram it..But the payment cost Php 1,500.00.another payment again..the sad thing is i dont have enough money to repair it because im earning money for the double celebration of my son his 1st birthday and sad now my phone is no use..

Not Feeling Well

im not feeling well today..why?because im having flu and terrible cough ouch..ouch..ouch because of the weather i experience now but then im still going to work because i need to work hard for my son you know a mothers care :)